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Say goodbye to unruly curls.
Say goodbye to unruly curls.
Say goodbye to unruly curls.

Brazilian straightening vs Japanese straightening: which one should you choose?


Are you torn between Brazilian and Japanese straightening? We took a closer look at these two techniques to help you make up your mind.

Straightening treatments, frequently blow-drying, straightening... You've tried everything to tame your unruly curls, but in vain. Now you see only one possible solution left: opting for a long-lasting straightening treatment. Brazilian or Japanese, now is the time to choose your side.

Brazilian straightening: for softer hair

This straightening treatment relies on a 100% natural ingredients already contained in your hair: keratin. Thanks to this protein, which coats the hair fibre, your hair will become glossier and softer.

The advantages: Brazilian straightening does not damage your hair. A real pampering treatment, it actually nourishes and softens your locks.

Who is it for? Anyone who wishes to relax their curls whilst keeping the result very natural. If your hair is extremely curly or frizzy, you should probably continue straightening it after every wash.

How long do the effects last? After 3 to 4 months, the effects of Brazilian straightening will start to fade throughout your hair.

Japanese straightening: for ultra-straight locks

Japanese straightening modifies the hair's structure deep down. Treated this way, even the frizziest of hair types will become poker straight. Furthermore, this treatment is irreversible. Therefore, you will have to wait until your hair grows out to restore its original state.

The advantages: You can put your straighteners away. Even after washing, your hair will remain ultra-straight.

Who is it for? Anyone who dreams of having the silky-smooth hair that Asian women are renowned for.

How long do the effects last? After 4 months, you should expect to get touch-ups on your roots in the salon. Fail to do this and you will end up with frizzy hair at the top and straight lengths. An unflattering contrast to say the least!

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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO