Blow-drying: 5 tips to pinch from professional stylists

You and straight hair make a great love story. As a big fan of blow-dry styling, are you looking for some tips on how to perfect your technique? Follow our expert Luis Faria’s advice to successfully blow-dry your hair like a pro.

Tip n°1: pre-dry your hair before blow-drying

By doing this you save a considerable amount of time. Before styling, dry your hair 90%. Any remaining moisture will evaporate whilst blow-drying. Above all, do not keep your hair dryer too close to your hair. Always keep it at around 5cm away so as not to sensitise your hair.

Tip n°2: use a thermo-active treatment

Do not miss out on this product if you wish to repetitively blow-dry style your hair. Its objective: to protect the hair fibre from high temperatures given off by the hair dryer. A safe bet is the Absolute Shine Leave-In treatment from the Keratin Therapy regime. Its formula, rich in amino acids, reinforces your hair and improves its elasticity. Apply a small amount of it to damp, carefully wrung out hair just after shampooing. Then spread it out evenly all over your hair using your hands.

“A thermo-active treatment is essential for preserving your hair’s health.”

Tip n°3: apply a sculpting styling product

Before blow-dry styling, use a mousse or a fixing spray. These products coat your hair, facilitate straightening and guarantee your hairstyle has maximum hold. Design Mousse, Design Spray or Perfect Liss from the Urban Style range are designed to prolong hold and tame rebellious strands. Once the product is applied, you can start straightening.

Tip n°4: select thin strands of hair

Divide your hair into several sections, then work strand by strand. This is the only way to obtain a flawless blow-dry styling effect. Use a brush (round or flat depending on the kind of movement you wish to create) and your hair dryer. Then straighten your hair until you obtain the desired shape. Go over your strands as many times as you require.

“You must sufficiently heat up your hair for a long lasting blow-dried style. It’s the heat which makes your hair malleable, allowing you to shape it more easily.”

Tip n°5: fix the movement with cold air

Finish off your blow-dry styling by using the cold setting on your device. Today, all hair dryers have this setting. Let it cool down for a few seconds to fix the movement. To finish, apply Fix Spray (Jean Louis David anti-humidity hairspray) for a hairstyle which holds all day long.

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