Beards: Put a stop to ingrown hairs

Painful and unsightly, ingrown hairs can mess up your beard. Here are some top tips on how to get rid of these stubborn hairs which can appear due to shaving.

Use appropriate treatments

You can say goodbye to these hairs which get stuck underneath your skin… As long as you have the right regime in place. The solution to your problem? Good hydration. Apply a moisturising cream to your face daily to ease hair growth and to prevent hairs from getting stuck. Another tip: apply a scrub, 2 to 3 times a week to exfoliate your skin and to get rid of any dead skin cells or residue liable to obstruct growth for hairs trying to grow through. Finally, consider applying a few drops of beard oil (a blend of nourishing plant oils) to tame your beard and make sure that shaving doesn’t irritate your skin.

Follow beard care instructions closely

Start by washing your face in warm water to open up your skin’s pores and make the hairs easier to access. Then, systematically apply shaving gel. This is essential for protecting the skin before you shave. Always shave in the direction of hair growth and above all, avoid shaving against the grain. Furthermore, do not press overly hard when shaving as the blade can tug on the hairs, cutting them very short and damaging the hair follicle. This increases the risk of them becoming ingrown and getting infected.

Leave your beard to grow out

This allows hairs to grow out correctly and it gives your skin a well-deserved break. There is no need to go for a hipster beard, simply rock a 3-day beard from time to time. It’s (almost) a miracle solution!

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