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Keep your skin healthy when shaving.
Keep your skin healthy when shaving.
Keep your skin healthy when shaving.

Men: shaving and irritated skin - the solutions


Shaving makes your skin sensitive by often causing nicks and redness...Vanessa Giani, our treatment expert, points out the things you can do to preserve your skin's health.

Wash your face with warm water

It is very important that you ensure your skin is perfectly clean before shaving. Remove all impurities using a cleansing facial gel. A top tip: use warm water. It softens both your skin and hair, stimulating blood micro-circulation. Another advantage: it dilates your skin's pores facilitating a cleaner shave. Even if you are in a rush, do not skip this step.

Apply a pre-shaving treatment

Lubricating gel, a lathering mousse or even a cost-effective option, such as natural soap...pre-shaving treatments are essential for preparing and protecting your skin. Spread the treatment all over your beard. If your epidermis is very sensitive, use shaving oil first. Combining these two products will soften your hair as much as possible and will facilitate smooth gliding of the razor.

Be gentle whilst shaving

The key word? Softness. In fact, your facial skin is both thin and fragile. You mustn't aggravate it by treating it harshly. For an effective shave, always use slow movements without pressing down excessively on the razor head. This is if you are using a razor blade or an electric razor.

Hydrate your skin after shaving

Once you have shaved, thoroughly rinse your skin in cold water. By doing this you will close your pores, avoid the appearance of redness and prevent any small infections. Finally, apply a balm or an aftershave cream, massaging the product in until it has fully absorbed. From then on your skin will regenerate without a problem, it will be hydrated and its softness will be preserved.

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