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The golden rules of shaving
The golden rules of shaving

Men: mistakes you should no longer make when shaving

Are you sure your shaving regime is well adapted to your skin's needs? Discover everything you can do to shave in the best possible conditions!

Mistake n°1: not applying shaving foam before shaving

Dry shaving is a no-no: it irritates your skin and causes spots or redness to appear. On top of that, it increases the risks of you cutting yourself. Before shaving, you should apply a shaving foam or gel to damp skin. By taking this precaution, you will facilitate the razor's movement, preventing ingrown hairs and keeping your skin looking and feeling beautiful long term.

Mistake n°2: shaving against the way the hair grows

By passing the blade the opposite way to the way the hair grows, you risk shaving too close to your skin and cutting yourself. But also, you encourage ingrown hairs to appear. Therefore, you should always shave your beard in the same direction as the hair grows. To help you get precision shaving, feel free to pull on your skin with your hand. Finally, to avoid sensitizing your epidermis, going over the skin just once with the razor is enough. Therefore, you should opt for a slow movement with a light pressure.

Mistake n°3: forgetting to hydrate your skin after shaving

Once you have finished shaving, systematically hydrate your skin. Apply a small amount of balm or cream with soothing properties. Ideally, your treatment should also be anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. When you spread it over your beard, massage it to make sure it soaks in well. By doing this, you will preserve your skin's vitality and ensure it stays soft.

Mistake n°4: not maintaining your shaving equipment

Above all, regularly clean your shaving equipment by disinfecting it using a wipe. This hygienic action is very important for getting rid of any bacteria. It's THE essential requirement for having healthy skin. Finally, it allows you to prolong the life of your accessories.


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