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Show off a beautiful 3-day beard
Show off a beautiful 3-day beard
Show off a beautiful 3-day beard
Hair care

Men: show off your beautiful 3-day beard


The 3-day beard look is still on trend...and is easy to create and maintain! The only constraint? It must always be kept well-trimmed so you don't have an unkempt look about you. Here is our advice on how to obtain a modern and well-groomed look.

How do I trim a 3-day beard?

Firstly, allow your beard to grow for 3 to 5 days, depending on your beard's speed of growth. You will then have enough hair so you can cut it evenly. Use high quality trimmers. Your equipment should have different hair clipper comb guides for maximum precision. Start by trimming your beard using the largest comb attachment and shave it in the opposite way to which the hair is growing. Then, put on a small comb attachment and shave until your beard is from 5 to 7mm. You will now have a 3-day beard look worthy of its name!

Our advice: consider removing any hair from your neck by shaving it too. Do this by moving from the bottom to the top. For a perfect finish, use a razor to draw a round line, one centimetre above your Adam's Apple.

A beautiful 3-day beard
A beautiful 3-day beard

How can you maintain your beard?

You must wash it regularly. Make the most of shampooing to remove all the residue accumulated over days. Use the same product as you apply to your hair. Once your beard is perfectly clean and dry, hydrate it with a targeted treatment. You will easily find serums or beard oils in large supermarkets. When applying them, massage your beard delicately so the product soaks in.

Our advice

Frequently clean your beard trimmer using a disinfectant wipe. By doing this, you will remove any hair or bacteria embedded inside. Furthermore, by keeping your accessory clean, you will allow your skin to remain healthy and looking beautiful.

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