All you need to know about hair extensions

To go from short to long in no time at all, there is no better solution than extensions! This technique, which involves attaching extra pieces of hair to your own hair, is hugely successful. Find out about the different methods…
There are many ways to help you gain a few extra centimetres or get thicker hair. No method is better than any other, but certain methods do have their own particular advantages.
Like at Jean Louis David, for example, where we use the cold fusion method. “We use small metal rings to hold the extensions in the hair. Don’t worry, these rings are made from hypoallergenic metal. We love this method because it allows for flexibility, as not much equipment is required to attach or remove the extensions.” Another obvious advantage of this technique is that it will not damage the hair’s fibre. It will not change or alter your hair and your hair will not need treatment or restructuring once the extensions have been removed.
Another method is hot fusion extensions, or methods that use resin or glue. “At Jean Louis David we want to set ourselves apart from other salons. That’s why we don’t use this technique. That, and also because it is more harmful to the hair and a lot less flexible. Today, if you’ve had your extensions attached using the cold fusion method, you can have them removed at any salon. However, with the glue system it’s a lot more complicated. More equipment is required.”
In terms of the number of extensions, it is unusual today to see people with hair full of extensions. People originally used to choose hair extensions as a means of gaining length in a short amount of time. “Your whole head can be done in a couple of hours! But now we are seeing that people opt for extensions to get thicker hair or to add variation to a cut.”
Our tip: Extensions can be left in for 3-4 months if they are looked after. Remember to tie them up when going in the water or going to bed so that they don’t get tangled. Finally, try not to pull on them too much when styling.

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