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Ice blonde is more on trend than ever. Once you try it you won't look back!
Ice blonde is more on trend than ever. Once you try it you won't look back!

5 reasons why you should go for ice blonde in 2018

Ice blonde was all the rage in 2017, but it hasn't yet had its final say! Having become an IT colour for 2018, it is a big hitter with its a rock'n'glamour style. Here are 5 good reasons why you should give in to its lure.

1. It is highly on trend

Extremely fashionable since last year, this radical shade of blonde verging on white has come out on top as THE must-have shade season after season. A flagship shade for summer and then autumn, it has continued to light up the hair of women wanting to showcase an ice queen style.

2. And it's not going anywhere!

Maybe you're scared to go for such a radical change which requires bleaching, only to have to change your hair colour again in a few months? Rest assured, the ice blond trend isn't short-lived. Present at (almost) all of the Spring-Summer 2018 fashion shows, such as Sonia Rykiel, Dior, Saint Laurent and Michael Kors, this cool blond still has a great future ahead of it.

3. It adds character...

This extreme blonde is in a class of its own when it comes to boosting your hair and giving you an irresistible glam'rock style which is sure to have an impact.

4. ... And enhances on-trend cuts

With the comeback of short haircuts such as the graphic bowl cut, the highly structured tomboy cut and the short bob with or without a fringe, ice blonde is the ideal colour to put a twist on your current hairstyle.

5. In 2018, upkeep is getting easier!

Are you hesitating whether to take the plunge for fear of having to regularly visit the salon to get touch-ups on dark roots? Good news, the current trend is shadow roots: visible dark roots blended into ice blonde hair. A real lifesaver for trying out this colour without the hassle!


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