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Secret uses for hairspray.
Secret uses for hairspray.
Secret uses for hairspray.

5 original uses for hairspray


As it fixes, smooths and makes hair shine, hairspray is essential for creating hairstyles successfully. A quick spritz can add character to flat hair, tame any unruly strands and boost limp haircuts. However, it also has other virtues! Take a closer look at five of these properties which very few people know about.

When used properly, hairspray , sprayed 20-30cm away from your head can add the finishing touches to a hairstyle. However, do not tidy away your hairspray just yet, it can also be invaluable for other things.

Styling... Your eyebrows

To add structure to unruly eyebrows, you can't beat a bit of fixing spray. Apply a small amount onto a clean toothbrush to shape the arch. Perfect results guaranteed.

Fixing hair clips

Using hairspray on hair is good, but applying it to accessories is even better. Spraying hairspray onto a crocodile hair clip before sliding it into your hair helps optimise your hairstyle's hold.

Drying nail varnish

After you have applied nail varnish, you no longer need to wait for half an hour with your hands in the hair to avoid messing up your newly varnished nails! A spritz of hairspray on your nails will dry them immediately.

Reducing static electricity

Sometimes your skin sends out electric shocks due to certain clothing fabrics. With a spritz of hairspray you can control static electricity and prevent your skirt from sticking to your thighs, for example. This is a great tip which we have pinched from catwalk models!

Getting rid of animal hairs

In one spritz, hairspray can immediately remove pet hair from clothes. So to save time, spray the fabric generously with hairspray before brushing off your clothes.

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