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Gain a few centimetres in length with clever hairstyles
Gain a few centimetres in length with clever hairstyles
Gain a few centimetres in length with clever hairstyles

4 clever tricks for making your hair look longer


Is your hair not growing as fast as you'd hoped? Take a look at our styling tips below which will make your locks look longer in the blink of an eye... Or should we say a swish of your hair?

Tip no. 1: Opt for a layered haircut

Blunt cuts tend to emphasise the length of your hair. To make your hair look a few centimetres longer, get some layers put into your locks. They will create a "blurred" effect, giving your hair a less clean-cut, denser look. So, if your hair is thick enough, give layers a go now!

Tip no. 2: Style your hair with a centre parting

Opt for a middle parting rather than a side parting, as the latter tends to make your hair look shorter on the opposite side. It may seem like a minor detail, but moving your side parting to the middle can help to emphasise the length of your locks.

Tip no. 3: Straighten your hair

It's a well-known fact, waves and curls lift your hair like springs, thus making it look slightly shorter. You cannot beat straightening for smoothing your hair out to its longest possible length and gaining a few centimetres. To do this, use straighteners for a smooth and sleek blow-dried look. This is the perfect technique to get poker-straight locks. Otherwise, style your hair using a round brush to keep maximum volume at the roots.

Tip no. 4: Go for the double ponytail

Create an optical illusion with a clever hairstyle which makes your hair appear longer than it really is. To cheat by way of hair styling, opt for a double ponytail. What's the idea? To play with your hair by placing two ponytails on top of one another.

To do this, separate your hair into two sections and create a first high ponytail at the top of your head. Then, with the rest of your hair form a low ponytail hidden underneath the first. The result: even with an updo, you can show off a long ponytail!

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