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3 hairstyles for a summer at the height of style.
3 hairstyles for a summer at the height of style.

3 ideas for perfect hot-weather hairstyles

In summer, your hair can give you a real hard time with limp and lifeless lengths, frizz and locks sticking to the back of your neck. The only solution to cope with the rise in temperature in style? Choose hairstyles that give your face space to breathe.

A headband worn with loose locks: an on-trend hairstyle

Worn as an Alice band, turban, scarf or bandana, the headband has become an essential hair accessory. This is especially the case when temperatures start to soar, as it allows you to hold your hair back whilst leaving your locks free to blow in the breeze. You are sure not to get bored with this practical and on trend hairstyle as you can play with different styles by varying the type of headbands you wear.

The chignon bun: an ultra-simple hairstyle to create

When the temperature reaches 30°C, your long hair can make it feel as though you are wearing a woollen scarf around your neck. This unpleasant sensation can be avoided by wearing a bun. Modern, quick and easy to create, this top knot has umpteen benefits, especially as it can be personalised however you like. Tousled, slicked-back or twisted ... there is a bun to suit every taste and all occasions.

Slicked-back hair: a glamorous style

Straight off the catwalk or red carpet, slicked-back hair is the ideal hairstyle for those who wish to get dolled up in the height of summer. The hair is slicked back and coated with gel at the roots to create a mermaid-style "wet look". The result is that hair is kept off the face and any make-up worn is showcased. This is just what you need to shine this summer, without suffering from the heat.


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