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Find out which hairstyles can help control your voluminous locks.
Find out which hairstyles can help control your voluminous locks.

3 hairstyling ideas for controlling volume

Many women dream of having thick hair, and yet it can be a nightmare for those living with it. The reason being? Knots, frizz and of course... Excessive volume. If this is the case for you, here are three styling tips on how to tame your mass of hair.

Every morning is it the same old story? Do you always have to try and tame your big hair which has doubled in volume overnight? Don't panic, this tedious routine will soon be ancient history thanks to the following hairstyles, which can sculpt and make your locks manageable again.

Braided hairstyles:

Braids are perfect for controlling volume and will soon become your new styling aid. All the more since they look especially good on thick hair. Do you want a Bohemian look? Then opt for a slightly loose fishtail plait or a braided crown. Are you in the mood for a more sophisticated look? Then The twisted braid will do nicely. Braids are both easy to create and on trend, and suit all styles.


You cannot beat slicking back your hair to reduce its volume and prevent it from becoming excessively fluffy and out of control. This is a good reason to give in to a ponytail. These days this timeless hairstyle comes in lots of different versions. Worn high or low, twisted or braided, there is a ponytail out there to suit everyone's taste. Whatever your preferred look, don't forget to conceal your hairband with a lock of hair to rock the latest style.


With a chignon the hair is tied back and worn up, allowing you to control its volume all day long. A fool proof styling tip which has the advantage of looking even better on thick hair. Chic or casual, sophisticated or rock 'n roll, just choose the style of chignon which best suits you.


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