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Find out how to create cascading vintage curls
Find out how to create cascading vintage curls
Find out how to create cascading vintage curls

2017 trend: a closer look at 1940s curls


The 1940s: a decade of glamour as shown by Rita Hayworth, Lauren Bacall and Vivian Leigh. These icons' voluminous curls greatly contributed to their success! This feminine look is making a huge comeback this season.

More often than not, the 1940s Hollywood curls were distinctively worn to one side and tightly curled with curling tongs or rollers, before being loosened by brushing. That's the secret to these perfectly wavy, almost fixed hairstyles.

Who can rock forties curls?

The curls in the 2017 version are looser with less of a pin-up look, so they are easier to wear in the daytime.

They especially appeal to those wanting to create a sophisticated hairstyle and a film star look. However, although this hairstyle suits almost everyone, you must have at least shoulder length hair with a good amount of volume to get the best possible results. People with fine hair can use rollers to get the amount of volume needed.

Get a film star look in four steps

To create these vintage curls, you will need:

• Anti-frizz treatment
• A hair dryer
• A round brush (narrow)
• Straighteners
• Curlers (or straighteners with narrow plates for precision)
• A hog's hair hairbrush
• A flat hair clip
• Shine hairspray

Step 1: Straightening

Apply an anti-frizz treatment to squeezed-out locks to tame any potential unruly strands.
• Continue blow-drying with a round brush and a hairdryer to lift your hair at the roots.
• Straighten your hair with straighteners. This step is essential if you want perfect curls.

Step 2: Curling

• Curl all of your hair. You must keep the curling tongs on each strand for at least ten seconds to get tight curls.
• Gently brush your hair to relax the curls without overly straightening them.

Step 3: The finish

• Hold a strand in place at the front by putting in a hair clip on the right-hand side of the forehead. Pull lightly on it to create a wave-shaped fringe.
• Finish off the whole look with hairspray.

Now you are really spotlight-ready!

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