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Take a look at these terrifying looks which are bound to cause a stir.
Take a look at these terrifying looks which are bound to cause a stir.

[Instahair] The best spooky hairstyles for Halloween 2016!

Just a few days away from Halloween, have you still not decided which costume to wear, let alone which hairstyle to go for? Fear not, we have picked out three of our favourite styles for you from the Instagram account Halloween Makeup Ideas , a myriad of inspiring looks.

Celebrated by half of all Americans, Halloween is an institution in the USA. It's all about seeing who can create the most impressive costume, whether it be terrifying or not! A big fan of this celebration, Heidi Klum has dressed up as a butterfly, Cleopatra, a zombie... You name it! She even made herself unrecognisable with an older version of herself. So what's her secret? Perfecting every detail, such as makeup and hair. Out of the Instagram accounts spotted by Halloween Makeup Ideas, here are our favourites.

A wicked look with Marilyn curls

As a fan of sophisticated make-up, make-up artist Vanessa Davis has created an impressive Pin-Up skull look... Even if it is pretty difficult to recreate! What's the right idea to copy? Replace the standard horror colours of, red, white and black with pinks and purples to add character to your costume. A special mention goes to the ringlets created using curling tongs to add a sophisticated and incredibly retro style to the whole look. You can take a closer look at this style on the Instagram account the_wigs_and_makeup_manager!

Finger waves for a gothic doll look

A porcelain complexion, dark lips, Édith Piaf style eyebrows and XXL lashes... Alicia combines gothic and vintage styles for great Halloween make-up. On her Instagram account aleciamakeupartistry, this professional make-up artist shares before and after photos as well as step-by-step techniques on how to create Halloween looks worthy of a horror film. To successfully create this style, create an eyeshadow mask around your eyes with an expanded smoky eye effect. Using a lip liner to match your plum lipstick, mark out rounder contours to get full heart-shaped lips. As for the hairstyle, the hair is short and slicked back with finger waves inspired by the 1920s.

A bling-bling touch for a Feline Fatale

Another look spotted thanks to Halloween Makeup Ideas is the sophisticated bling-bling feline look created by the make-up artist behind the Instagram account Bronze and Beautiful. This is subtler make-up, created using a technique well known for reshaping the appearance of the facial features: contouring. The hollows of the face are deepened, the nose is lengthened for a more animal-like face and the eyes pop. A few strokes of eyeliner are used to draw on the muzzle. Iridescent blusher is used on the nose, cheeks and lips to top off the facial transformation. The finish reflects the light very well, and this also extends to the hair. To reproduce this hairstyle, start by backcombing your locks using a fine comb . Style your hair towards the back before decorating the roots with some gold leaves.

Mini buns for a big fright

There are three make-up artists and professional hair stylists behind nashvillglam. On their Instagram account, they share their style ideas for bridal make-up, the red carpet... And Halloween. Aesthetic creations which are completely different from what you are used to seeing. Panda eyes, tears and glittery false blood: make-up that is easy to copy for maximum impact. As for the hairstyle, two mini buns are combined with a braid to mask the middle parting. Add a blast of silver-coloured hairspray to make your hair look grey, and hey presto!

A bluish halo for an ice queen

Molly Bee is passionate about make-up, and shares her quirky and perfectly mastered make-up ideas. Glittery eyes, bluish lizard skin, a gouache effect on the eyelids... Her Instagram account Beautsoup is a source of inspiration for day-to-day life and for special occasions such as Halloween. Molly combines soft colours with solid lines for the make-up for her pastel-coloured skeleton. What's the finishing touch that makes all the difference? Violet streaks enhanced by a floral crown. A colour that you can dare to try for a party, with a spray-on hair dye which will wash out as soon as you shampoo your hair.


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