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Braids: an essential 2017 hairstyle for staying well-styled at a party
Braids: an essential 2017 hairstyle for staying well-styled at a party

[Instahair] Party hairstyles: opt for braids to stand out from the crowd!

To have fun with your hair and to stand out from the crowd whilst being the height of fashion, be inspired by these five Instagram accounts chosen carefully by us, as they combine the most beautiful hairstyles with braids - a hot look this winter.

As part of a romantic chignon, or a rock chick or bohemian chignon, braids can subtly decorate your hair or create a full-blown sophisticated hairstyle. Highly on-trend this winter 2016-2017, they give you star quality so you can go from one year to the next looking fabulous. With several levels of difficulty, you are bound to find the hairstyle of your dreams on one of these inspiring Instagram accounts.

1 – A romantic bohemian look

Jenny Strebe's selected hairstyles on her the confessions of a hair stylist account include lots of curls, sophisticated chignons and plenty of colour. With looks designed mainly for long hair, her account has a wide range of ways you can wear braids, such as this romantic combo: hair worn down with fine braids. Easy to emulate, the hairstyle is enhanced by a highly sophisticated colouring technique which you should only copy by having it done by a professional colourist. Home colouring is sure to have catastrophic results for this look!

2 – A regal look

Sophisticated without looking stiff, unnatural and overly formal, this hairstyle spotted on Allie Liliokalani's account is representative of the hairstyles chosen by this pretty hair stylist. She loves playing with hair by combining natural looks and elaborate styles. Relatively simple to create for stunning effects, this look requires a good length of hair. It combines three techniques: backcombing on top, a braid on each side and a de-structured chignon at the nape of the neck. The two braids are then pinned to the upper side of the bun. To personalise your hairstyle, feel free to decorate it with hair jewellery.

3 – A punk look

A winning combination of colours and braids for a look which is feminine, original and modern. A creation by Shelley Gregory, a stylist from Las Vegas, who loves playing with rainbow colours to showcase her hairstyles. Done on mid-length hair, this hairstyle is easier than it looks. It involves creating eight sleek braids, four at the front and four at the back, which are left untied at the ends and meet at the top of the head. The ends are then curled and the movement is set with hairspray. There are plenty of other ideas on this account, but careful when trying to copy any hair colouring techniques from this Instagram account, they are all highly sophisticated and require professional expertise.

4 – De-styled braided chignon

There are tons of hairstyle and fashion ideas on the account of Sarah Potempa, the official hair stylist for the Victoria's Secret fashion shows. This account is worth browsing for fun, and is also inspiring, as this lady from Chicago is extremely creative. Amongst her ideas, this hairstyle which combines a ballerina bun and a braid, two of the hottest techniques this winter. Relatively simple to create, you just need to separate out a strand at the back of your head for the braid. This will subsequently be combined with other strands to create the chignon. To break up the rigidity of the whole look, you can leave a few strands loose to frame the face.


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