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Enhancing your hairstyles with little metal chains is the latest trend!
Enhancing your hairstyles with little metal chains is the latest trend!

"Braid metal chains": this season's on-trend missing link hairstyle

Say goodbye to dull hairstyles lacking in character! Make way for hair jewellery - metal chains to be precise - to give all your up-dos a feminine rock chick look. We take a closer look at 5 ways to adopt this new trend which is all the rage on Instagram.

The chignon with chains

The chicest reason to not wash your hair. #braidchains (@leletny via @marieclairemag)

Une publication partage par Keep (@keep) le

Charming and rebellious, this semi-bohemian semi-rock hairstyle is enhanced with multiple silver chains. This puts a new twist on the braided chignon .

To create this "rockmantic" hairstyle, get your hands on a hair clip or a small comb with several metal chains attached. Start by gathering your hair towards the back and separate your hair into two equal sections. Then put in the hair jewellery in the middle of the two sections of hair to use the chains as the third section of your braid. Then, braid your locks making sure that you put the chain section over the top of the other sections to showcase it. Hold the hairstyle in place hairpin by hairpin, gradually working your way down the braid to form the chignon. Once the tips of your hair are hidden, leave the ends of the chains visible, hanging down at the back. They will decorate the nape of the neck and create an even more feminine look.

Ponytail jewellery

Are you not skilled enough to braid chains into your hair? Do not worry, there are less complicated hairstyles out there so you too can adopt this trend. For example, opt for this simple and elegant version of the ponytail, enhanced with golden chains.

To recreate this look, use a simple elasticated hairband decorated with a few mini-chains or conceal your hairclip by fixing it mid-way up at the back of your hairstyle, before tying your hair into a low ponytail. Make sure that the metal strands get mixed up with your locks so that the metal chains stand out like highlights. Golden and subtle, they make your hairstyle more sophisticated in the blink of an eye!

Half-up half-down three-metal look

Check out the amazing new hair accessories collection @adirxleletny which is a collaboration between @hairbyadir and @leletny

Une publication partage par Servilles Academy (@servillesacademy) le

Here, you can put in as many chains as you like in an array of shades to create a daring half-up half-down hairstyle.

To create this sophisticated look, use several gold, silver and copper coloured chains. First of all, separate out two strands on either side of your face. They will be used later on to create the tied-up section of the hairstyle. Then position several layers of chains of different colours, using fine strands to conceal the points at which they are attached. The metal chains should fall down the length of your hair to blend in with your shortest locks. All that's left to do now is twist the two strands framing your face and incorporate the chains before tying them together at the back of your head to hold the half-up half-down hairstyle in place.

The rebellious comb

Are you worried about getting your fine locks tangled by styling them with metal chains? Instead, opt for a smart accessory , such as a comb decorated with mini-chains hanging down for a more rock than retro look. It can be the finishing touch to all your hairstyles!

To put a twist on chignons, braids and other up-dos in the blink of an eye, create your favourite hairstyle and then slide the teeth of the comb into your hair letting the chains hang down.

The playful chained braid

Unruly and done haphazardly, this messy-styled braid effect is more rebellious than ever thanks to these chains!

To give your braid a wild look with metal details, prepare your hair first by twisting a few strands. Then create waves in your locks using curling tongs as well as putting in mini braids. Next, put chain hair clips into the back of your hairstyle at several different heights so that the chains fall down the length of the hair. Finally, cross over and intertwine multiple strands of hair to form this playful messy braid and tie up the ends to hold this anarchic hair style in place.

On your marks, ready? Unleash the chains!


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