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3 ways to wear hair jewellery
3 ways to wear hair jewellery
3 ways to wear hair jewellery

Hair jewellery: 3 hairstyles to inspire you


Do you want to enhance your hairstyles with an accessory? Hair jewellery is perfect for boosting your look. Here are 3 ways to wear it.

A jewellery headband to add style to your locks

Make hair jewellery the centrepiece of your hairstyle with a headband worn with your hair down. This is the best way to showcase the accessory without your hairstyle stealing the limelight. Highly on-trend this season, hair jewellery is being worn with pride. Feel free to prepare your locks by backcombing to give them more volume or by adding in a few waves with a heated appliance for an ultra-feminine look.

How to choose the right accessory? Choose hair jewellery to match your style for a harmonious result. Go for delicate styles in fine hair to avoid making your hair look even thinner and dare to try a larger accessory in thick hair so it stands out to the maximum.

An elaborate hair slide to adorn a half-ponytail

Perfect for keeping hair out of your face without tying all of your hair back, hair slides have the advantage of being prettier and more original than conventional hair bands. And as this autumn-winter is the big comeback of the hair slide, it is the perfect time to wear one with an ultra-chic half ponytail.

How to choose the right accessory? Preferably opt for gold, silver or rose gold metal to echo beautifully the precious materials of your other jewellery and to create an elegant hairstyle in the blink of an eye. Dare to try all different shapes, but be careful if you have thick hair: slides must be a large half-moon shape to clasp around your thick locks and hold them in place.

Decorated hair pins to personalise a chignon

Decorated pins can be placed here and there at every opportunity for every style of chignon and to customise your hairstyles . Although they look irresistible scattered throughout your strands in elegant floaty messy-styled chignons, also feel free to place them at the base of a top knot for a more modern and casual urban style.

How to choose the right accessory? Go for hairpins with rhinestone studded tips to add a glamorous touch to your hairstyles or those adorned with pearls for a romantic look.

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