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Red hair

SectionRed hair

Read our top advice for becoming a fiery redhead. Find out interesting facts about your unique red locks and learn how to show them off to their best. Want to become a redhead? Follow our guide to ensure a smooth transition. Play with different shades, tones and hues as well as taking inspiration from on-trend highlights spotted on the runway. Don't forget about looking after your statement new colour, using the correct products to prevent fade.

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Red hair colouring: a closer look at different shades of red
Red hair
Red hair colouring: a closer look at different shades of red

Intense and vibrant, soft and light-catching, orange or enhanced with purple highlights... Red hair has multiple sides to it, just like the wide range of brown and blond shades out there. But whatever you do, don't go red before you've found the perfect shade to enhance your features. Follow this guide on the different shades available for a...

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