Which products should I be using on my red hair?

Red hair tends to be drier than other hair shades, meaning it needs more nourishment and hydration. However, this isn’t the only way to take care of your red locks. Read on to find out our expert’s tips on keeping your vibrant colour in top condition.
One of the key characteristics to red hair is its tendency to be dry. ‘You need to use a product that deeply hydrates, and revives your colour. Treating your hair to nourishing products will instantly perk up your colour’.
Do you suffer from extremely dry or coarse hair? “Give products containing keratin a try. This ingredient is extremely effective and helps to restore the natural fibres, preventing frizz. If you have long hair, no doubt your locks have already been subjected to years of heated styling, leaving you with dry ends. Treat them to some keratin to fix this problem”.
Does your red hair often become frizzy? This is due to the fact your hair is dehydrated and lacking in moisture. “Take care of your hair on a daily basis, and make a note of how you go about your daily life. Not all women with red hair suffer from the same problems, so analyse yours to make sure you are using the correct products”.
Of course, you should be using a hair mask regularly. “Make no mistake about it; if you have the time, treat your hair to a mask every evening to sort out any frizz issues”.
Our advice: Red hair needs more attention that other hair types during the summer months. Not because of the colour itself, but due to the fact it is naturally drier and the sun can aggravate the problem.
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