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Calling all guys: discover the top on-trend styles for every season to ensure your look is both masculine and stylish. Like to think of yourself as a fashionista, hipster, sportsman or grungy guy? Learn how to choose the right cut for your individual style. Find out how to look after your hair, which products you'll need for your desired look and how to keep your new cut in shape as well as in great condition.

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Men: how can you enhance your salt and pepper hair?
Men: how can you enhance your salt and pepper hair?

Gentlemen, maybe you're having trouble embracing your greying locks? There's no point in worrying about it as it actually gives you a whole lot of charm. So enhance your grey locks with a targeted 3-step regime so that they remain your weapon of mass seduction! 1. Neutralise the yellowing This is the arch enemy of salt and pepper hair. Grey...

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