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Find the perfect shampoo for your children
Find the perfect shampoo for your children
Find the perfect shampoo for your children
Hair care

Which shampoo should you choose for your child?


Your child's hair does not have the same needs as yours. To take care of your mini-me's locks, opt for a mild and gentle detangling shampoo. Follow the guide below.

A mild and gentle shampoo

Little ones' scalps are much more sensitive than those of adults. Their hair cannot withstand the acidity of certain products like yours can. If your child is aged two or under opt for baby shampoo with a neutral pH, which will suffice for the small amount of sebum secreted at the roots. Any older than this and your child's scalp becomes greasier. You should therefore forego the baby shampoo in favour of a more cleansing children's shampoo with a pH of about 5 to fully eliminate impurities built up during hours of play. Read the label on the back of the bottle carefully, as some children's products contain ingredients that you should avoid, such as silicone and sulphates which can damage the hair in the long term. Instead, opt for a hypoallergenic treatment based on natural ingredients and above all soap-free so it does not sting your child's eyes.

A detangling formulation

Children's hair is finer and more fragile than adult hair, and also tends to be drier. This means that it also gets tangled more easily, especially curly hair. To avoid knots (and tears when combing), opt for detangling shampoo which will nourish and soften your child's hair without weighing it down.

Once you have the perfect shampoo, find out how often you should wash your child's hair.

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