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Find out how often you need to wash children's hair.
Find out how often you need to wash children's hair.
Find out how often you need to wash children's hair.
Hair care

Children: how often should you wash their hair?


Children's hair is much weaker than adults', so it doesn't require the same treatments. Regular washes are needed. However, if you wash their hair too often, your child's delicate scalp can become damaged.

You should take into account:

Your child's age and hair type

Up until eight years old, a weekly wash is sufficient for fine hair. Of course, if your daughter has long, thick locks, you can wash it twice as often. From nine years old onwards, hair tends to get greasy more easily, in particular due to your child's hormones starting to change. You can then wash your child's hair three times more often each week.


Doing sport impacts on your child's hair regime. A tough football match or regular swimming is enough to make your child's hair go greasy. Regularly wearing a hat can also have the same effect by stimulating sebum production.

However, no matter what, you should leave at least a day between hairwashes, so the sebum has time to nourish the roots and scalp.

Which shampoo should you go for?

Children's scalps also cannot withstand acidity as well as yours, so you must use specialised products. Up until they are two years old, opt for gentle baby shampoo. When they are older than that, go for a ph5 children's shampoo.

Note. Believe it or not, some children's products contain SLS (lauryl, laureth or sulfates) detergents, which are damaging for your hair. Check the label on the back of your child's shampoo bottle to check its ingredients.

Should you apply conditioner?

Yes, if your child's hair is dry or has a tendency to form knots . Conditioner can help to detangle and moisturise. Opt for a plant-based milk to nourish the hair without weighing it down. However, avoid masks and adult conditioners which contain ingredients rich in oils, as they would make your child's hair go greasy.

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