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Find the ideal hair colour to make your brown eyes stand out
Find the ideal hair colour to make your brown eyes stand out
Find the ideal hair colour to make your brown eyes stand out
Hair colouring

Which hair colour should you go for with brown eyes?


Brunette, blond or red hair colouring - with brown eyes you can go for any colour! Provided that you find the perfect shade to enhance your complexion and eyes, of course.

Tone-on-tone brown to create the ultimate harmony

If you are naturally brunette or have dark brown locks, you simply need to go for a hair colour close to your base colour and the colour of your eyes to create the perfect harmony. Opt for a shade which will make your brown eyes pop. Choose the shade according to your skin tone and the brown colour of your eyes. To give you a radiant complexion despite your fair skin, and to make your light brown eyes sparkle, go for a pretty hazelnut or chestnut. If you have dark eyes and your skin is anything from golden to dark, opt for a chocolate brown instead, as a lighter shade will tend to drain your complexion and dull your dark eyes. Do you have a very dark complexion? Feel free to go for an ebony brown, verging on black, to add depth to your eyes.

Golden blond to caramel to highlight your eyes

Do you want to go blond? Do not go for an overly radical change, and avoid platinum blond which will create too much of a contrast with the colour of your iris. You could, however, opt for light-reflecting golden blond highlights if you have fair skin, as the result will still look natural. This sunny shade will warm up your complexion whilst making your eyes stand out. However, with a dark complexion or an olive skin tone, go for caramel blond highlights to soften your eyes whilst intensifying them at the same time.

Faux red to showcase your personality

To create a harmonious contrast with the colour of your eyes, shades between brown and red are perfect. Feel free to boost your light brown locks with a few copper highlights or opt for brownish red to give your look more character. Brunettes with dark eyes could intensify their base with highlights in shades of mahogany, auburn or even purple to showcase their personality, brighten their complexion and make their eyes sparkle.

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