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Caramel hair colouring, perfect for warming up your hair.
Caramel hair colouring, perfect for warming up your hair.
Caramel hair colouring, perfect for warming up your hair.
Hair colouring

Caramel hair colouring: who is it for and why go for this shade?


Caramel hair colouring is a warm, rich colour. It captures the light and reflects it intensely. The result: it instantly illuminates your hair. Are you tempted to try out this colour? Here is everything you need to know.

Caramel colouring: perfect for average to dark bases

Although this colour can be applied to all base shades, the finish will be more natural on light brown or dark hair. To go for this colour, don't risk getting it wrong at home. Entrust it to your hairdresser, the best person to help you choose the best shade of caramel for you. They will also know how to adapt the intensity of the product, depending on the nature of your hair. But careful, if your base is darker than the colour you are going for, you should really undergo a bleaching treatment, a technique which requires professional and personalised work.

The perfect colour for softening features

The colour caramel is attractive due to its subtle, elegant and natural finish. Thanks to its warm and luminous pigments, it is best for softening your features and enhancing your complexion, whether your skin tone is fair, medium or dark. If you wish to have a change, it's the perfect compromise for brunettes who wish to go blonde with a softer transition. Is your light brown dull or is your dark blonde lacking in intensity? Caramel is remarkable for boosting your hair's shine.

Opt for caramel highlights for natural streaks

To have a stress-free summer without having to touch up your roots, opt for a Contrast treatment (the highlighting technique at Jean Louis David). It is perfectly suited to caramel hair colouring. The highlights created will add relief, emphasise movement and give depth to your haircut. It's the must-have technique for a natural result!

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