Which hair colour should you choose in winter?

Would you like to adapt your hair colour to suit your winter complexion? No problem! Here are a few pieces of advice on how to find the perfect match between your skin tone and hair colour.

Your summer locks and tanned complexion are nothing but a distant memory. However, your hair still has a few sun-kissed effects which are not at all in keeping with the colours of winter. As a result, you should adapt your hair colouring without damaging your hair, which is already weakened by the cold and wind.

A hair colour to match your complexion

To find the right tone for you, take a look at your skin:

If in winter, your complexion turns red easily, forget ashen shades and opt for warm colours, from golden blonde to coppery chestnut brown.

If your skin is as light as porcelain, opt for ice blonde and steer clear of golden shades.

Finally, tanned complexions should opt for warm shades of red and copper, and should avoid golden blonde which tends to dull the complexion.

A subtle colour

Say goodbye to “tie-dye” and “ombré hair” which are more suited to summer hairstyles, and opt for less damaging subtle highlights which add light to your hair, something which is often lacking in winter.

Depending on your hair problems, your hairdresser will direct you towards the technique which is most suited to you. For example, if at the first sight of wind your hair loses volume, play with layers and shades to give the illusion of thicker locks. In fact, layering slightly different coloured shades adds depth to your hairstyle.

However, if your hair has been weakened, do not overly lighten it as you risk long-term hair damage. Also remember that it is best not to change your natural colour by more than three shades at the risk of altering the hair fibre. This is especially true in winter when the lack of vitamin D weakens the hair and the cold dries out the tips.

One piece of advice. Be careful of hairspray which will alter your hair’s colour. Instead, opt for fixing spray with a low alcohol content.

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