Which conditioner is best for my hair?

Like shampoo and masks, conditioner is an essential part of your beauty regime. It can moisturise, soften and boost your hair’s shine. To optimise its effectiveness, choose a product suited to your hair type.

Conditioners are formulated with glycerine or silicone and are either water or plant oil-based. Thanks to their ingredients, they can soften your hair to make detangling easier. They also possess a hydrating power as they place a lipid film (a protective agent) onto the hair fibre. Furthermore, once applied, they coat the hair to help prevent static electricity. Finally, conditioners can add shine and leave your hair soft to the touch, making them a treatment which is just as essential as shampoo for keeping your hair looking good.

Our advice. Avoid using conditioner which is too rich in silicone. Although this ingredient can smooth down the hair’s cuticles and can boost shine, it should be used in small amounts so that it does not smother the scalp.

Choose the right conditioner for you

To meet different needs, there are several basic formulations to choose from depending on your hair type. Among these basic formulations, the conditioners have various additional properties. Find out which product is the one for you:

If you have fine hair… Opt for volumising conditioner which will coat the hair fibre to give it more density.
If you have dry hair… Go for a conditioner enriched in plant oils, such as sweet almond, shea or argan, which are known for their moisturising, nourishing and reparative effects.
If you have curly or frizzy hair… Choose a curl-shaping conditioner. It will add pep, bounce and shape to your hair.
If you have coloured hair… Go for a shine-boosting conditioner which will intensify highlights and protect your hair to preserve the pigments in the long term.
If you have dull hair… Gloss conditioner is perfect for you. It leaves a shiny film on your hair so that your locks reflect the light to perfection.

Our advice. If you have greasy hair, say goodbye to using conditioner. The oils and silicone present in this product will make your hair’s greasiness worse. To wash and moisturise your hair, just use a shampoo and mask that regulate sebum production.

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