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Shampoo, conditioner, mask... a hair treatment glossary
Shampoo, conditioner, mask... a hair treatment glossary
Shampoo, conditioner, mask... a hair treatment glossary
Hair colouring

Shampoo, conditioner, masks... a hair treatment glossary


We have broken down 3 essential treatments of your hair regime, so there are no more secrets.


If you could just use one treatment, it would have to be this! It allows you to remove residue, pollution, dead skin which has accumulated over days. Furthermore, it prepares your hair to receive other treatments or hairstyling products. Finally, it leaves your hair shiny, supple and resilient. Above all, always choose a product specialised to the nature of your hair.

Shampoo your hair twice to three times a week maximum. You can also alternate two products to target different problems. For example, if you have coloured AND oily hair or dry AND grey hair.


As its name indicates in French, (l'après-shampoing – after-shampooing), you should apply conditioner after you shampoo your hair. Its main objective is to make your hair more supple to facilitate untangling. Use conditioner after every time you shampoo your hair if it tends to knot easily. Contrarily, it mustn't be used systematically. Above all, avoid choosing a product which is too rich in silicone to avoid weighing down your hair.

The mask

This is without doubt the richest and most intense treatment for your hair! You can't beat it for repairing, restructuring and regenerating the hair fibre by deeply penetrating it. Apply it only from mid-length to the the tips. As a general rule, your roots don't need a mask treatment as they are made up of young hair in good health... this way, you won't risk weighing your roots down.

Always spread out your mask evenly all over your hair. The quantity required will depend on the nature of your hair (fine, thick, short, long, curly...). Leave it to sink in for 3 to 15 minutes according to your needs, before thoroughly rinsing with clean water. You'll see, the result is immediate!

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