When is the best time to cut your hair?

Cutting your hair during a full-moon will make your hair grow back quicker. Myth or reality? Are some seasons better for cutting your hair than others ? The pros reveal all.
The ideal time or season to cut your hair simply doesn’t exist. ‘I always advise clients to cut their hair before going away on their summer holidays to avoid further damage occurring to their hair from the effects of the sea, sun and sand. But, it’s a question of what suits you best personally. There’s no perfect time to grow your hair’.
Whatever the season you happen to go to the salon, your hair won’t grow any quicker because of the weather. ‘ Hair grows on average between 0.5 and 1.5cm each month and nothing you do can change that. Some things such as the season, or becoming ill can take its toll on the shine and general health of your hair, but not on the speed at which it grows’.
Another common myth is that a regular trim will help your hair grow faster. ‘Your hair will always grow at the same speed. You may think it will grow faster as it’s in better condition, and a regular trim off the ends of your hair gives off the impression of beautiful hair, however it’s unrealistic to think that cutting the ends will make your roots grow quicker! Hair is a dead substance’.
Cutting your hair during a full moon will not make your hair grown any quicker either. ‘This myth has never been proved. Just imagine if this was true…every salon in the world would be open from midnight !’
Our advice.Tying your hair up will not slow down the hair’s growth. If this was the case, women everywhere would think twice about wearing chignons or ponytails. Have fun and tie your hair up, it’s not going to stop growing!


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