What is day cream for hair?

Day cream falls into the same category as leave-in treatments. Just like your face day cream, day cream for hair deeply hydrates and nourishes your hair. A beauty essential that dry hair will absolutely love!
Day cream has many benefits, but its main advantage is that it penetrates and nourishes the hair deep within the fibre. “At Jean Louis David, day cream is part of the Hydra range. A range that includes nourishing treatments designed for dry, frizzy, curly and dehydrated hair.”
Day cream provides an instant result. Dry hair is instantly softer and silkier. Curls are beautifully defined. The ends stay prettier for longer. And hair is a lot easier to untangle for quick and effective styling!
However, day cream is not recommended for greasy hair, especially on the roots and lengths. “This leave-in treatment can weigh down and over-hydrate the hair, accentuating the greasy effect.” But you can use it if you have dry or damaged hair. Apply a small amount of cream to the ends only.
To optimise its effects, make sure you apply the day cream correctly. “If you find that you hair is lacking shine or softness, apply a small amount of cream to towel-dried mid-lengths and ends.” If your hair is particularly coarse, use the day cream on dry hair and re-apply every four hours.
Our tip: Never apply day cream to the roots. Even if your hair is as dry as straw, it will make your hair greasy and you’ll end up having to wash it.

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