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 A closer look at colouring products.
A closer look at colouring products.
A closer look at colouring products.
Hair colouring

True Facts: does hair colouring damage your hair?


In terms of hair colouring, you'll have heard all kinds of contradictory things. So, are colouring products harmful for your hair? We have sorted out the truth from the lies. Just what you need to take the plunge with peace of mind.

Hair colouring weakens your hair: TRUE and FALSE!

True, if your hair is already dry or damaged. Without targeted treatments, colouring products will only aggravate your hair's condition. For the first few days, the colour will revive its shine but this is only a superficial effect. To overcome this problem, before you consider colouring your locks, opt for intensive treatments suited to the nature of your hair. Once you have restored your hair's health, you'll be able to consider having a life full of colour once more.

False, if your hair is in good health. Hair colouring will not damage your hair if it is applied by a professional hairdresser who can give you a personalised assessment of your hair's condition. Don't try and play the role of a professional colourist at home to avoid getting your hair colour wrong and to avoid making it weaker.

It is best to avoid bleaching techniques: TRUE!

This is only used for lightening your hair. It works due to a mix of oxidant products which strip the hair of its pigments. This technique systematically weakens the hair fibre and therefore requires permanent intensive treatments. For this reason, it is preferable to opt for less radical treatments, such as temporary or permanent hair colouring by choosing a shade close to your original colour (one to three shades lighter or darker).

Coloured hair requires targeted treatments: TRUE!

Maintain your hair diligently to keep it looking shiny and strong long term. To achieve this, trust in products which repair, soften and nourish at the same time. With their formula enriched in argan butter, keratin and vitamin D, products from Jean Louis David's Color Therapy range are perfect for coloured hair. They are formulated to prolong your colour's shine and to protect your hair from external damaging factors. Combine the sulphate-free Intense Color Shampoo, the Colour enhancer suited to your hair's shade and the Deep Color Mask. All must-have products for a comprehensive and effective hair regime.

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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO