[True Fact] Can you do without hair treatments?

Some women claim that No-poo or Low-poo methods are effective for their hair regime. These methods come from the United States and consist of not using or rarely using shampoo. In reality, are treatments essential? We have reviewed the situation for you.

Shampoo is essential: TRUE!

It is quite simply an essential product! It’s the only treatment which allows you to remove impurities, dead skin and residue (pollution, styling products) which accumulate over days. Ideally, shampoo your hair 1 to 3 times a week, according to the nature of your hair. Above all, choose a product which responds to your needs in order to guarantee effective action.

You must use all of the products from a range: FALSE!

You don’t have to do anything! You are in the best position to combine different treatments according to your hair’s many characteristics. For example, you can use shampoo intended for curly hair to hydrate your curls and finish off with a mask for coloured hair. However, it is always better to use an entire range as the treatments are complementary. It is therefore the best way to maximise their effectiveness.

You can space out your hair treatments: TRUE and FALSE!

You don’t need to accumulate dozens of hair products. Neither do you need to apply them to your hair on a daily basis. The risk will be to make your hair heavy or greasy. However, some treatments, notably reparative treatments, must be applied diligently, so they work in the best way possible.

Your hair must be maintained: TRUE!

Yes, you must take care of your hair, whatever the nature of your hair may be. In fact, each hair type or hair texture has specific requirements which can only be treated by using hair treatments.

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