Treatments for brighter hair

Your lifestyle, your diet, pollution and your hair regime all have an impact on how your hair looks and how healthy it is. Is your hair looking dull or lacking shine? Follow our advice on how to get bright, shiny hair.
Your hair is a reflection of your body’s health. “If you’re tired, stressed or ill, your hair won’t look great either. Pollution can also make your hair look dull, much like very chalky water. That’s why you need to look after it and give it a boost in order to restore its strength and shine.”
The first thing to do to brighten your hair is to give yourself a scalp massage. A scalp massage costs nothing and you can do it as many times as you like at home! “This doesn’t necessarily leave your hair shiny, but it makes it look healthier. Massage or lift the scalp to stretch it and therefore provide it with oxygen. Do this as often as you can, or at least each time you wash your hair.”
To brighten up your hair, another option is colouring. But it doesn’t have to be permanent! “At Jean Louis David, the best way of achieving brighter hair is with our Gloss service. This is a temporary colour treatment which fades after a few washes and lightens and adds shine to your natural colour. Commitment-free, brighter hair without any drastic changes.”
It’s also very important to use the right hair products. A shampoo which is unsuitable for your hair type and your hair loses its shine straightaway. For brunettes, who don’t necessarily need special products for shiny hair, a good shampoo and the right hair mask will do wonders for your hair. For blondes and redheads there are a lot more products designed to brighten your hair. “For blondes, chamomile-based shampoos boost highlights. And redheads can use henna.”
Our tip: To brighten up your hair during the day, use a serum. Squeeze a drop of serum into your hands, warm it up and apply evenly throughout your mid-lengths and ends.

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