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Tied-up hairstyles: our styling advice
Tied-up hairstyles: our styling advice
Tied-up hairstyles: our styling advice

Tied-up hairstyles: our styling advice


Do you love tied-up hairstyles as you consider them to be practical, on trend and quick to create? Focus on these small tips you can use on a daily basis for some of the best styles which preserve your hair's vitality.

Choose your tools carefully

First rule: if you use hair ties, choose those without metal bars. You will prevent your hair from getting tangled around them and breaking. You can also get bungee hair hooks : these are very popular amongst professional hairstylists as they allow you to obtain firm support, whatever the up-do style you wish to create.

Furthermore, other accessories give you the possibility of tying your hair up in an even more fashionable way. The season's must-haves? Without doubt, hair slides! They have made a big come back and have emerged as head jewellery in their own right. They are ideal for creating a half-up half-down ponytail, for personalising all hairstyles or for keeping back a fringe which has grown out too much.

Use hairstyling products to assist you

Even if you wish to obtain a flawless straightened tied-up hairstyle, never over tighten it. Preferably use hairstyling products designed to tame your hair. For this, Jean Louis David offers you Design Gel, Fix Spray or even Design Spray. When applied just before blow-drying or combing your hair, they smooth out the hair fibre, maximise your hairstyle's hold and eliminate frizz.

Vary your hairstyles

Tying up your hair should never be synonymous with dull hairstyles. Plaits, ponytails or chignons... These timeless up-styles give endless possibilities and your imagination is the limit! Dare to mix them, adapt them or combine them with effects (twisted, curled, curved...) for both an elegant and personalised look. To help you, be inspired by hairstyles from the Jean Louis David collections. Visit your salon to try out the Style Bar Service by Jean Louis David for a perfect result!.

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