The Pros: top tips for taking care of dry hair daily

Managing your dry hair takes time and specifically designed hair products. Whether you hair is naturally dry or your environment has damaged your locks over time, there are a few things you can do to keep them nourished and healthy.
Curly hair is often naturally dry. “Women with afro hair have it even worse! Curly hair is super-dry and needs as much moisture and nourishment as possible to stop it looking frizzy. Your surroundings and environment also play an important role. In summer, next to the beach basking in the sun, take care to treat your hair to more nourishing products than you normally would. Women who colour their hair on a regular basis also suffer from coarse, dry locks”.
Fine hair types tend to be flat and straight and can become damaged due to blow-drying. “The hair fibers dry out and clump together, meaning hair is less straight which can actually increase volume. Ironically, this can make your hair easier to style than before! This is especially the case for Nordic and Swedish models. They tend to have blonde locks that are fine in texture, however their hair is relatively simple to style because it is regularly damaged and sensitized due to hair colors and highlight treatments. The hair then bulks out because it is over dry. The best thing you can do if this is the case with your own hair is to find a balance between how often you color your hair and the amount of volume desired”.
At home, try using products from the Keratin Therapy range. “These will add shine to your locks as well as making them super soft whilst keeping your style lightweight. Hair is purified, cleansed and repaired whilst receiving intensive hydration”.
Our advice: Finding it impossible to repair your dry hair? Head to your nearest Jean Louis David salon and ask your stylist for some professional advice. They will be able to advise which treatments will restore your hair’s moisture and how to look after it on a daily basis.
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