The pros: the semi wet-look on curly hair

The semi wet-look has taken the fashion world by storm and Josie Natori is the latest in a long line of designers using this look on their catwalk. Her most recent exposé was her Spring-Summer 2015 runway show at New York Fashion Week. Our expert gives you the top tips to getting this style right….
The semi wet-look is just as quick as it is easy to style. ‘To start, brush your hair backwards to the rear of the head. Next, take some gel and apply to the roots, allowing your lengths to hang loose, free of product. If your hair is naturally straight you can curl your lengths with a curling iron. The transition between the two different textures should be seamless so that the hairstyle looks as effortless as possible. Complete the look with a layer of hairspray for a longer lasting hold’.
There are several different variation on this classic beauty look. ‘The all-over wet-look is a great option for shaking up your hairstyle routine. In this instance, apply gel all over the hair, including the lengths and style however you like. Another option is to opt for a wet-look section, swept behind the ears or structured with a centre parting…it’s totally up to you to decide which suits your style best!’
Our advice: The semi wet-look is ideal for a special occasion or glamorous event. This look can be more difficult to nail as a daytime look. Got a cocktail night planned with friends and want to look feminine, yet on-trend? The semi wet-look was made for this type of evening!
© PixelFormula, Josie Natori prêt-à-porter runway, Spring-Summer 2015 © Jean Louis David

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