The ideal hair care routine for effectively hydrating your hair

Is your hair dull, brittle and tangle-prone? There is no doubt about it: your locks are in need of hydration. Before you rush into a drastic cut, try this routine instead, it’s specifically designed to quench the thirst of devitalised locks!

From stress, pollution, repeated colouring treatments to heated styling appliances, several factors can cause your hair to become dry. Read on to find out how to make your locks healthy and silky-soft once more.

Space out how often you shampoo

Forget daily use shampoos which are much too harsh for your locks. By washing your hair every day, you strip it of sebum, the only natural oil required for its hydration. In your case, washing your hair once to twice a week is enough. Furthermore, make sure you use products such as those from Jean Louis David’s Hydra Therapy range, which are free from silicones and sulphates. These ingredients actually tend to suffocate and dehydrate your hair.

Apply a day hair cream

Just like your skin, dry hair requires daily hydration and to achieve this, a day cream for hair is your best ally. Applied every morning to the lengths, this cream deeply nourishes the hair fibres and shows immediate results.

Give your hair regular oil soaks

Once a week, coat the full length of your hair in sweet almond oil leaving it to soak in for as long as possible. This oil is rich in hydrating agents which penetrate to the heart of the hair fibres and retain water internally. A real miracle treatment for thirsty locks.

Get your ends trimmed regularly

Dry locks are more fragile than other hair types, making them split easily. A few snips of the scissors at the tips is enough to prevent split ends from climbing up towards the roots. Without these regular trims, you may have no choice but to sacrifice your long hair.

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