The difference between ombré hair and the dip dye

No, the dip dye and ombré hair are not the same thing! These two colouring techniques are quite different, though people often get them mixed up. Here’s a look at the different features of the two.
What these two techniques do have in common is dark roots and light ends. However, the result is not at all the same. “Ombré hair lightens hair with an almost natural result. Whereas the dip dye creates a rather bold contrast.”
The transition from roots to ends varies depending on the technique. “Ombré hair features three different colours. The roots are dark, the ends are light and the lengths are somewhere in-between. But the dip dye involves dark roots with light roots and lengths, with no in-between colour.
Whichever technique you go for, both involve colouring hair. So you must look after it! “Pamper your mid-lengths and ends as these tender to suffer more as a result of colouring treatments. Hydrate them using a mask designed for coloured hair. And visit your hairdresser regularly to keep your colour and your ends looking tip-top!”
Our tip: Ombré hair and the dip dye look best on mid-length and long hair for an irresistible result. Try either on short hair and it’ll just end up looking like you have bad roots!
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