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Discover the benefits this natural product has for your hair.
Discover the benefits this natural product has for your hair.

The benefits of aloe vera

You are used to using aloe vera on your skin, but did you know it has great benefits for your hair too? It soothes itching, regulates sebum, hydrates your locks and boosts hair growth.

Popular for over 5000 years with the Greeks, Mayans, Egyptians and the Chinese, aloe vera, or aloe, is a small fleshy plant with gel which we use for its many virtues. As a food supplement, it rebalances intestinal flora, eliminates toxins and relieves inflammations. Applied to the skin, it soothes burns, speeds up healing and even fights against cellular ageing. So, what about for your hair?

Rich in minerals, enzymes, amino acids and vitamins, aloe vera gel allows you to:

boost hair growth: by purifying the scalp (it notably regulates excess sebum) and facilitating the absorption of nutrients required for growth

fortify your roots: roots are held more securely into the scalp due to the astringent properties of the treatment which tightens the pores

relieve itching

lock in moisture: besides providing a large amount of moisture to your locks, aloe vera retains it so it lasts longer

detangle hair: thanks to its gel texture, eliminating any slight knot becomes a lot easier

Method of application

Here are three ways in which you can alternate using aloe vera for the best possible effects:

For deeply repairing your hair: apply a large amount from the roots down to the tips with a light massage of the scalp. Let it soak in for a few hours or overnight. Note, however, that you will need to wash your hair to remove any excess product. Your hair should be shinier and stronger as a result.

For regular upkeep: use it as a mask on the lengths and on the tips by letting it soak into your hair for three to ten minutes after washing.

For styling: with its dense texture, this gel can be used as a styling wax. Simply apply a small amount to frizz or strands to fix them. If you dislike the scent of the product, mix in a few drops of rose water.

If you are sensitive to its strong scent, do not use concentrated gel but rather opt for hair treatments which contain aloe vera instead, so you can still make the most of its benefits.


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