Swimming: a few things to bear in mind

The sunny days are here again and there are no more excuses not to go swimming. In winter it’s sometimes hard to make yourself put on your swimsuit for an aquagym session or to simply to swim a few lengths. But not when the sun’s out! Here’s our advice on how to look after your hair at the swimming baths.
To get into shape before your summer holiday, spending a few hours in the pool is ideal! The only downside: chlorine. Chlorine tends to dry out your skin as well as your hair. So make sure you take care of it after you’ve been for a swim.
In order to limit the pool’s harmful effects on your hair, it’s best not to put your head under water! “And even if you don’t put your head in the water, remember these useful steps to avoid getting your hair wet. Today most pools require you to where a swim cap. It might not be very sexy but it’s a great way of protecting your hair. For optimum protection against chlorine, opt for a swim cap made from silicone.” Don’t have one? Tie your hair up as high as possible into a bun.
Take a shower at the swimming baths to rid your hair of any chemicals. “Use a soft shampoo to avoid irritating your hair. Rinse well then apply a conditioner. At home, use hydrating masks and allow them to soak in and deeply nourish your hair’s fibre.”
If you have coloured hair, use products designed for coloured hair to stop your colour from fading. “Shampoos and masks for coloured hair that help retain the pigments are highly recommended!”
Our tip: If you can’t avoid putting your hair under the water, apply some hair oil and focus on the ends, which tend to dry out most easily. This will act as a barrier against the chlorine. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still rinse and/or wash your hair when you get out of the pool.
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