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Streetstyle: the braided crown
Streetstyle: the braided crown
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Streetstyle: the braided crown

Bohemian and feminine, the braided crown is still very much present, even during these gray winter days. Convenient and easy to do, it reminds us of our summer days. Yes, it is possible to combine a winter outfit with a summer hairstyle!
Her hairstyle? The braided crown. Think that it's hard to achieve? Not really. Here is why, simply part your hair in the middle and do two braids on each side. Once you've done the braids, bring the left one on top of the head. Secure it tightly with hairpins. Then, bring the right one over to ensure continuity between the two. Attach the second braid with hairpins, add a bit of hairspray and your hair is done for the day!
Her look? An all black look. The dark silhouette is offset by ultra-girly details. The highlights, her high waited leather skirt and those lacy tights perfectly feminize her dark look. The rest of her outfit is all black with a large sweater and flat boots. As for accessories, today's streetstyle opted for sunglasses straight out of the 60s, round and reflective.
Tip of the day. To avoid the braided-crown looking too strict, allow for some loose hairs. Keep it a bit disheveled like during those long evenings at the seaside!
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