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Switch shampoos from time to time for more beautiful locks
Switch shampoos from time to time for more beautiful locks
Switch shampoos from time to time for more beautiful locks
Hair care

Should you switch shampoos regularly?


What with preconceived ideas and figuring out what your hair truly needs, it can sometimes be difficult to know whether or not you should switch shampoos often. Read on to find out why it is in your interests to switch shampoos from time to time.

A preconceived idea...

is that you should switch shampoos regularly so the hair does not get used to the treatment's formulation. However, this is not possible as hair is dead, and only the cells situated inside the bulbs, under the roots, are active. This means that your shampoo does not lose its effectiveness on your locks over time. You can keep using your favourite shampoo for as long as you want, as long as your hair is still healthy .

... which has some truth to it!

However, your scalp and your hair's needs change over time. It is therefore possible that your usual shampoo does not address your hair's developing issues as not all treatments have the same properties. At this point it is beneficial to opt for a new formulation which is more suited to your hair's condition. For example, when your roots start to go greasy quickly, trade in your usual treatment for a rebalancing shampoo or, conversely, a more hydrating treatment if your locks have become dry and dull.

A good regime: switch products from time to time

Do you have several hair issues to address all at the same time? If this is the case, it is best to alternate between two treatments to diversify the active ingredients and meet all of your hair's needs . If your locks are fine but also dry, for example, opt for a volumizing shampoo which you should switch for another more nourishing shampoo every other wash. Similarly, if your hair is brittle and also frizzy, opt for a keratin shampoo and alternate its use with one with smoothing properties to control any unruly strands. That will be the perfect duo for your hair type.

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