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Shine Spray for shiny hair that smells great.
Shine Spray for shiny hair that smells great.

Shine Spray makes your summer evenings sparkle

Are you in search of a quick solution for shiny hair? Opt for Shine Spray, for immediate and effective results. And on top of that, you can have glossy hair which smells great.

A bathing suit, swimming and sun cream in the day. A dress, dancing and golden make-up in the evening. After applying satin-smooth cream to your bronzed skin, consider applying Shine Spray to your locks. Shine Spray's promise? An instant shine boost and hair which perfectly reflects the light. Perfect for a night out on the dance floor or for a dinner with your girlfriends.

One product, three benefits

As well as giving your hair a veil of shine, this spray has several assets. Its diffused mist keeps your locks soft and light. With this product, your hair breathes, particularly if you apply a sun protective gel whenever your hair is exposed to the sun. For long-lasting enjoyment, its fresh, delicate summer fragrance stays with you for hours. Finally, it neutralises odours in a few sprays. Say goodbye to hair which smells of stale tobacco or shellfish.

A quick treatment for a flawless hairstyle

Shine Spray enhances but it doesn't fix your hairstyle. If you wish to add hold, first of all apply a gel, mousse or hairspray. Then finish off by applying your spray, like the cherry on the cake.

A good tip? Apply Shine Spray to your mid-lengths and tips from 20 cm away to ensure you use the right amount of product. Apply it all over your hair if your hair is down or in a precise area if you have a braid or a ponytail. In this case, spray the shiny mist onto a brush and spread the product into the sections you so desire. Precision guaranteed.

Our advice. With its 100 ml-sized bottle, Shine Spray can fit into any bag. Perfect for any last-minute touch-ups on your hair during an evening.

If you're short on ideas for hairstyles, take a look at our collection so you can shine when you go out for the evening.


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