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Restore your hair's volume with Design Spray
Restore your hair's volume with Design Spray
Restore your hair's volume with Design Spray

Restore your hair's volume with Design Spray


You'll love Design Spray if you wish to add both density and hold to your hair. Its effectiveness and ease of use have made it a flagship product! Learn how to use it to its full advantage to create fabulous hairstyles which last for hours.

How do I use Design Spray?

Ideally, apply it to dry hair, working section by section. Select a strand, then spread out a small amount of the product along the length. Then, give your hair the shape you desire with a heating device. In fact, this product is highly effective when combined with a heating device: hair dryer, straighteners or curling tongs. In contact with high temperatures, the product will dry, coat the hair fibre and fix movement.

Our advice: consider carefully brushing your hair in order to make it more supple and to remove surplus product. Don't worry, your hair will hold the shape you have created.

To create which finish?

Design Spray allows you to obtain a natural hairstyle, preserving your hair's softness. In fact, your hair won't stick or go stiff. You can therefore show off a hairstyle which is full of movement! This product also adds ultimate shine to your hair. But above all, it maximises its volume, whichever hairstyle you wish to create (straightened, curls or tied up).

A plus point: Design Spray is a styling product which allows you to sculpt as well as fix your hair. With this 2-in-1 product, you will no longer need to use hairspray to finish off your hairstyles.

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