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The ideal haircare regime for red hair
The ideal haircare regime for red hair

Red locks: taking care of your natural colour

As vibrant as it is fragile, naturally red hair is very high-maintenance. We take a closer look at the best ways to hold on to your hair's red colour.

Go for a special shampoo

Although there are no shampoos out there specifically designed for red hair, you should opt for one with a formulation that takes care of its pigments, which are naturally brittle. In this regard, you cannot beat a henna shampoo which will help protect the pigments and will make your original colour's highlights stand out! A shampoo for coloured hair enriched with vitamins is also a good option, as it bonds the colour to the hair fibre.

Apply a hair mask suited to your thick hair

This intensive treatment is important for showing off an intense vibrant colour. Your red hair's fibre, which is thicker than that of blondes and brunettes, requires a mask containing highly nourishing active ingredients (such as shea or keratin) to deeply hydrate and repair your locks.

Go for a colour-boosting treatment

To give your red locks a boost, regularly use a pigmented treatment such as Jean Louis David's copper colour enhancer which revives your colour's array of shades to enhance it. Hibiscus, cinnamon and red tea infusions are also effective for amplifying your red colour naturally.

Protect your fragile red colour against damage

The red pigment in your hair is photosensitive, meaning that it fades quickly when exposed to UV rays. There is only one solution to prevent this: apply a leave-in treatment containing a sunscreen. Furthermore, avoid getting your hair wet at the swimming baths as chlorine makes red colour fade significantly.


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