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Protect your hair from straightening damage
Protect your hair from straightening damage

Protect your hair from straightening damage

We think you’d agree with us when we say straighteners are our lifelong friend! Discover our pros top tips to using this handy tool properly, for superbly straight hair that is sleek and healthy!
Heat-protective products are the ideal tool for protecting your locks from straightening-related damage. ‘Before running the plates over your lengths, always apply a small amount of Perfect Liss throughout. This straightening spray will eliminate frizz, deeply hydrate your hair as well as protecting it from damage. You should also be thinking about adapting your haircare routine to keep your hairstyle at its best. After all, sleek straight hair is only achievable with healthy, shiny locks!’
When used properly, straighteners don’t have to cause as much damage as you’d think. ‘Using your straighteners daily is not a good idea. Despite your best efforts and using the right products, over-use of straighteners will certainly damage your hair, whatever its texture. Lengths become dry and dull whilst split ends are almost inevitable. In more extreme cases, hair can actually burn, meaning a trip to your stylist is on the cards’.
Our advice: Straightening your hair 1-2 times per week is the ideal frequency. To keep your locks straighter for longer, apply fixing products which will keep out any moisture and humidity levels.
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