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Perfect the wet look with a headband
Perfect the wet look with a headband
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Perfect the wet look with a headband

On the Elie Saab runway recently, the running theme was ‘luxury without excess’. We were then treated to wet look hairstyles, complimented by golden headbands. The headband is the ideal accessory when it comes to injecting a little personality into your hairstyle without going overboard and is fast becoming one of the top hair accessories of the moment, with a luxury twist.
The trend. As soon as springtime begins to arrive, bohemian-chic accessories start cropping up everywhere. This season’s trend for accessories, however, leans more towards the subtler versions instead of bold, statement hair accessories. So stick to creating simple, rather than complicated and extravagant, hairstyles this spring. A subtle wet-look effect with a light slick of gel and a modest headband placed in the centre of the head is the right way to work this trend.
Choosing your headband. Similar to the headbands on the Elie Saab catwalk, yours should be simple and discreet. You want your headband to perfect your look, not be the centre of attention. Forget about bright, colorful headbands that you might have worn to primary school, as there’s no room for those here this season. The idea is for your headband to blend into your hair for a natural look. This will show off your hair, not your accessory. If you want to be a tad more daring, slide your headband and hairstyle back to open up your face and show off your bone structure.
Perfect your wet-look with the headband. Ideally if you have the time, you should wash and blow dry your hair. Next, make sure to straighten all of your hair for a sleek look. Choose a styling product to create your wet-look effect at the front of the head. Take a nut-sized amount of product to avoid the greasy look, which is a big no-no. Once you have created your hairstyle, make like the models on the Elie Saab runway and wear a headband that keeps your hair off your face. Golden or silver tones work great and will blend into your hair easily. Avoid flashy colors and bold prints at all costs. Less really is more this spring.
© Pixelformula /Elie Saab prêt-à-porter runway, Spring-Summer 2014 © Jean Louis David
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO