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Will you give in to the pearl hair trend?
Will you give in to the pearl hair trend?
Will you give in to the pearl hair trend?
Hair colouring

Pearl hair is all the rage


After the highly pigmented hair colouring trend, now it's time for pearlised shades. Will you give in to the "pearl hair" trend, a subtler look which is just as fashionable?

First ice blond and then grey hair were all the rage, and now a new hair colouring trend has emerged: "pearl hair," with its cold pearlised highlights, perfectly suited to winter colours. Its distinctive feature? A subtle layering of pastel highlights, from grey, blue and pink to mauve, which catch the light due to their iridescent effect.

Who should go for pearl hair?

Those with light bases (blond, white or grey hair), either natural or bleached. If you're a brunette, your colourist will have to bleach the hair fibre to get a shade which is almost white.

How can I achieve this effect?

By colouring your hair in pastel tones to suit your complexion. For example, the colourist will avoid pink shades if your skin tends to go red. To get an iridescent effect, the hairdresser will apply a treatment with mauve pigments to darken the hair and help the cool highlights to hold.

Can all colours be pearlised?

Technically yes, but the result will be more successful with blue, pink and mauve shades.

How long does the hair colour last?

After three washes it will have already started to fade. To hold onto the colour for longer, a visit to the salon is a must. In the meantime, pamper your hair as much as possible by using purple shampoo (once a week). The pigments will remove any unwanted highlights and will balance out the cold tones. Finish off your regime with a weekly oil soak to repair the hair fibre which will likely be damaged from the bleaching.

If you have given in to "pearl hair", perhaps you would also like to try out glitter roots!

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