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Find out how to rock this trend
Find out how to rock this trend
Find out how to rock this trend
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How to get the glitter roots look


Want glitter in your hair? If you have never dared to try out this look, now is the time! In 2015, this bling-bling trend was barely hitting the hairdressing scene. Now it is everywhere!

Rita Ora, Miley Cyrus, Kendall Jenner, Dakota Fanning... Many stars and beautystas have fallen in love with "glitter roots". What's the idea? To enhance a hairstyle with a parting covered in glitter, stars or sparkle. If your hair is light or red, silver and gold colours will enhance your locks. For brown hair, opt for multi-coloured rhinestones or an electric blue gel to make your hair colour stand out even more.

Application instructions

Apply the glitter with a brush. If you want a clean finish, hold it in place with a small amount of gel. For a more blended result, spread out the glitter with your fingertips. Finally, apply hairspray for maximum hold.

Enhancing your hairstyle

To make sure that the glitter is visible, go for tight up-dos or those with well-defined partings, and avoid loose hairstyles as the rhinestones will not stay in place as well. The hairstyles most suited to this trend are:

Cornrows: with their many partings, these sleek braids lend themselves perfectly to the glitter roots trend.

The double bun: turn your centre parting into a sparkly line with rhinestones to enhance two top knot-style buns.

The side-swept wet look: for a daring look, slick your hair to one side with wet-look gel and sprinkle on some glitter covering 5cm of hair at the roots to ramp up the look.

One last tip: to remove the glitter, leave a mask to soak in for a few minutes on squeezed-out hair. The texture of this treatment allows you to remove the glitter much more easily.

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