My hair gets tangled easily, what should I do?

Untangling your hair can be a real chore….Some of you find it difficult to style your hair and it gets tangled immediately at the slightest breeze. Discover our expert’s advice to say goodbye to tangles so you can show off your beautifully tangle-free hair.

Why does it get tangled?

First possibility: your hair is fine or long. Consequently, with each movement, your hair has a tendency to get tangled. Consider, therefore, handling it in a delicate way. Second option: your hair is naturally very dry or is sensitive after chemical treatments such as coloring. In this specific case, cuticles are either detached from the hair fiber or are totally missing in certain areas. The hairs cling to each other and are difficult to separate on a daily basis.

Adjust your hair treatments

Having hair which becomes tangled quickly doesn’t necessarily mean it is unhealthy. Rather, it is a tell-tale sign that you have a bad hair regime. Always choose treatments which are appropriate for their purpose, notably your conditioner and mask which will facilitate untangling. Also, when you buy them, pay close attention to the ingredients! Certain products sold in large supermarkets are too rich in alcohol, drying your hair out and adding to the tangling phenomenon. Also be careful of “softening” treatments, which can be made essentially from silicone.

3 tips to follow…

• Untangle your hair in the shower, just after applying your mask. To do this, work section by section using a round brush. Then let the mask sink in for a few minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

• Before styling your hair, use the Shine and Soft Leave-In Treatment from the Hydra Therapy range. It is specifically designed to facilitate untangling, whatever your hair type.

• Get the ends of your hair cut around every 3 months to avoid split ends. Untangling your hair will be made much easier with healthy ends.

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