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A 3-stage plan of attack for keeping your grey hair looking radiant
A 3-stage plan of attack for keeping your grey hair looking radiant
A 3-stage plan of attack for keeping your grey hair looking radiant
Hair care

My grey hair is turning yellow: what can I do?


Does your salt and pepper hair have undesirable yellow tinges? Get rid of them without any further ado and prevent them from coming back with this special white hair care regime.

Neutralise the yellow highlights

To get back your radiant grey or white locks, start by eliminating any unsightly highlights using anti-yellowing treatments such as a purple shampoo made with blue and purple pigments. Alternatively, use those from Jean Louis David's Silver Therapy range which contain active pigments layered and applied on top of the yellowing highlights to neutralise them and cancel them out.

This means you should choose a product depending on the intensity of your highlights as the stronger the colour, the more effective its corrective capacity will be. To get rid of light yellow nuances, a mauve treatment will be enough, whereas to get rid of a yellow that has well and truly set in, go for a darker purple. Use it up to twice a week (for the time it takes to get your perfect colour back), and then once a week as a preventative treatment to stop the hints of yellow from reappearing.

Strengthen your hair to make it more resilient

If your locks tend to go yellow, it's because they are weakened by a lack of melanin. This occurs when your hair goes grey. Your locks become porous and the hair fibre more susceptible to oxidation, thus forming undesirable shades.

To avoid this, nourish and fortify your hair with treatments rich in keratin, such as those from the Keratin Therapy range by Jean Louis David. These will fill in any gaps and close up the hair's cuticles, making it more resilient. As a result, your hair will be less susceptible to yellow highlights. Alternate the use of these products with your weekly anti-yellowing treatment to get rid of any annoying yellow tints.

Protect your locks from external damaging factors

Since it is lacking in melanin, your grey hair is also particularly vulnerable to heat and climatic conditions which can alter the amino acids contained in the hair fibres. As a result, they release yellow molecules which colour your hair and are therefore responsible for these undesirable highlights. That is why it is essential to use protective treatments which act like a shield on your locks and block external damage. Before blow-drying, also apply a thermo-active treatment to protect your hair from the heat. The rest of the time, opt for leave-in treatments.

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